Working Title: You’re The Voice

Aim: To educate the listener what is involved in the world of voice over work, which many people don’t know about.

Duration: 10-12 minutes

Information: Voiceover roles, animation studios

Content:       Voiceover history

                        Who’s Who of the industry

                        What Is involved with voiceover work

                        Extracts from interviews

                        Popularity of Animation Films (Big Name stars inclusions)

Key Questions: What are the voices do you do?

                            What makes a talented voice-over artist?

                            What are your views on Big Name stars doing voices in films compared to talented voice over artists such as yourself?

Interview Sources: Andrea Romano – Voice over director for Warner Bros.

                                     Billy West – Voice over Artist

                                     Bruce Timms – Animation Director for Warner Bros.

                                     Neil Kaplan – Voice Over Artist

                                     Richard Horvitz – Voice Over Artist

                                     Rodger Bumpass – Voice Over Artist

Reference Sources:  Interview Sources

                                        Websites (IMDB, Warner Bros, Fox, Other various Fan sites )

                                        Sunday Herald Sun – Article with Billy West

Sound Effects: Futurama

                             Warner Bros. Cartoons

                             Ren & Stimpy




This program (4-6pm weekdays) was bought out to combat the drive time slot for Triple M which is quite a tough one, especially up against Hamish & Andy, and the other AM stations and I hat to say but Wil & Lehmo do not do much of a job at it.

 It seems these two comedians were wheeled in because of their fame as comedians not radio hosts, now I admit I find these two guys really funny as comedians but on radio they are so bad it’s not funny at all! It seems that they can only deal with their own scripted material and when something unplanned is thrown at them the way they deal with it is unfunny, unoriginal and lots of the time immature.

 Each day the show has a special segment/thmem such as sport, a guest host or weird world records, these become tiring and again unoriginal, can I make a suggestion to Triple M? Next time, try and pick hosts who know what they are doing on radio!

Recently our class had to make 30 min radio Programs and listen to them, here are some thoughts and comments for each one:

At The Movies with Connor – Connor 
A very well researched show and also a great idea for one too, The fact that all the topics could relate to movies, mainly the movie focused on that week was great, Tinny sound, but problem was fixed, and the discussion was a bit too long, overall I could see this continuing and growing in strength.

Comedy Corner – Jesse
Very innovative idea which was well researched and prepared, the audio levels were good although I could hear some edit points. Great radio voice, also it was good to see Brian have a bit of a chuckle over the “Who’s On First” routine. Overall well produce program, it would be perfect without the playing of the dreadful “NerdyBack” parody, but was neccasary after the interview. Well Done Jesse!

Chit Chat – Reid
Nice Review, well researched, Not enough answers in Vox Pop which  bought it down a bit but was recovered with an interesting discussion topic which was kept flowing, the information in the interview was all informative but seemed boring after a little while, (unfortunately the highlight was a screaming sibling in the background), but throughout the entire programs clear levels were a great addition. well done looks like you ….reid….into …it. ba-dom-cha

Harry Potter Half Hour – Laura
Great voice and very well thought through show, although the topic was great I couldn’t see it as a weekly show. Fantastic use of segues, which keep everything flowing with the addition of her emotion used during her speech made it a pleasure to listen to. The review used very well phrased language to describe the book and the use of background music created great atmosphere. Conversation topic was funny, bit too long but informative LOL.  overall a fantastic half hour and would like to see more similar half hours about different films coming out……

Between 6-9 in the morning on Fox FM Matt Tilley and Jo Stanley host the breakfast show, along with the Fabulos Adam Richard and Troy Ellis. For a breakfast show it is quite entertaining, more focusing on entertainment, funny stories, stunts and competitions rather than serious news topics (which I believe the Vega Breakfast Team can do a good combination of both).

Matt and Jo work really well together which keeps it running smoothly, and The Fabulous Adam Richard is there for special comments and mainly the gossip (as he is the token Homosexual, who bitches alot) and I find it good that they allow Troy Ellis, who is the panel operator, to join in with the conversations too.

One trademark, which the show is well known for is Matt Tilley’s ‘Gotcha’ calls, where he prank calls someone and I have to say they are very entertaining, the Array of voices he can perform without laughing are very impressive, and sometimes they become so elaborate and detailed I don’t blame the ‘victim’ to fall for it.

A negative side to the show is their Music, which can be played too much and become repetitive and their advertising, not only are their pre-recorded ads (and alot of them) the hosts record versions of their ads to play which I believe is a marketing trick to help keep listeners attention, on top of that when we come back from a break or song they mention the sponsor again.

Apart from the Bombardment of advertising It is an enjoyable and lively pick up to a dull morning, but I still keep it on Vega.

The Frat Pack Tribute

Recently Searching through a list of random podcasts I came across one that caught my attention, it was titled The Frat Pack Tribute Podcast, which is a weekly-ish update of everything to do with the comical acting group dubbed as the “Frat-Pack” which include Will Ferrel, Ben Stiler, Luke and Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Will Arnett, and many other comedians who appear in each other’s films constantly and vice versa….

It’s hosted by Kevin Crossman and he basically coves the many aspects of films, he takes a look at upcoming frat pack projects, he sometimes has a chat to the stars or directors, he does reviews of their current films, picks a frat pack connected website of the week, he takes callers on their views on particular subjects or trivia and as well as that plays some songs relating to the frat pack.

 I find it amazing that he keeps podcasts going each week about the same sort of topic and yet I found it very entertaining and informative, although his voice was rather drab and seemed to drone on a bit, it flowed well. I think for someone who doesn’t have an interest in film, especially comedy films it would be hard for them to enjoy but it kept me thoruoghly interested.


The Ricky Gervais Show

Available for download over the internet is a Podcast called “the Ricky Gervais Show” with the mentioned comedian, Stephen Merchant and Carl Pilkington. It is a very laidback and Humourous show, and I always enjoy listening. Each show consists of the 3 guys talking about current events in the news, usually the more obscure stories or research discoveries and never anything too serious. The show doesn’t seem to be too planned but they each do alot of research and have general knowledge of the topic, there are usually a couple of different segments like Monkey news, Carl’s Diary and Rockbuster.

The only one thing that annoys me is although it is funny hearing him , Ricky Gervias’s laugh can get very irritating, but apart from that the overall program is great!



The Jon Faine Conversation Hour with guest interviewer Allan Borough and guests Laurie Benson and Asha Bozley

I recently listened to The conversation hour on 774 ABC Melbourne with Jon Faine, he had Allan Brough from ABC’s Spicks and Specks on as a guest host, I thought this was a good addition because he adds to the interview with a bit of humor which relaxes the guest. It was a promotional interview and the guests on where Asha Bhosle, who is the highest selling record artist of all time, she is the queen of “Bollywood” and was in Melbourne to promote her performances with the Kronos Quartet and Laurie Benson who is the curator of international Art at NGV which is currently displaying Cinema India: The Art of Bollywood. They played a few songs from Asha Bhosle, which was good because it related to both guests,  Although the interview was lengthy it didn’t seem too thorough, It didn’t seem like Jon knew much about what was being spoken about which was shown by alot of dead air, It also didn’t help that Asha didn’t understand some of the questions, maybe because of the language barrier.


Get This on Triple M with Tony Martin & ed Kavalee and guests Nick Frost And Simon Pegg

On this radio show there is usually a guest that helps host the show for an hour, which is good because it adds variety and there is always something new to talk about, on today’s show the stars of the film Shaun Of The Dead, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg were in to promote their new film Hot Fuzz. Although this was a promotional interview it was very interesting and funny aswell, the hosts knew what they were talking about and could sometimes relate to the industry stories. One thing that wasn’t very proffesional was when they got callers to ask questions, although it provoked some great responses it seemed like the hosts ran out of questions, or things to talk about. There were alot of ads  and music played which cut down the actual talk time down to about 25-35 mins but the conversation did keep flowing. I got the chance to interview Nick Frost & Simon Pegg (but not in as much detail as Triple M) the night before at the Melbourne Premiere of their new film and I noticed they recycled some of their jokes for Triple M’s show, but it was still humorous.  


There were several differences between the two interviews, they were both promotional ones the interview on Get This was alot more easier to listen to because of the relaxed atmosphere and the humor, but the amount of advertisement became annoying. I enjoy Get this more than The Conversation Hour mainly because of the choice of guests, and that there is more humor on Get This.